High-capacity air purifier removes concerns about air care in the multi-use facility!
Room size :93m² / 1,001ft²

Large capacity covers room sizes up to 93 m²

Smart air control system enables air purifier to operate at optimal speeds by sensing the degree of pollution level with color coded indicator

  • Air quality Indicator: Real-time air quality indicated by 4 colors. 
  • Operating Mode : Auto mode/Deodorization mode/ Sleep mode/A3 Power-Saving mode.
  • Auto Mode : Automatically optimizes the air quality by dust and odor detection.
  • Swing Mode : Swing mode moves the fan forward and backward to increase air circulation

Detects the indoor air pollution level based on gases inducing bad odor

5-Stage Filtration system

Customized filters are changeable for specific needs : Anti-oil mist filter, Anti-microbial filter, Anti-ozone filter