Coway Storm
Air care customized for each situation through 3-step multi-circulation function
Room size : 49.5m² / 533ft²

tower shaped design

Real Time
Air Quality Display 

The color of the air outlet allows you to check the indoor air quality in real time

Powerful Air Control with
Three Types of Multi-circulations

As time goes by, indoor air includes more and more complex and diverse factors! Triple multi-circulation system enable customized use based on your needs.

When air released bad all of a sudden due to scampering kids and pets, When performing at a remote space, you can take care of even ultra-fine dusts.

4 step HEPA filter system specifically
handling bad odor and ultra-fine dusts

Deodorization efficiency based on the test for the removal of acetic acid, ammonia and acetaldehyde. Results can vary in condition of use.

Ultra-fine dust reducing efficiency based on the test for the collecting power of ultra-fine dust(0.3 μm). Results can vary in condition of use.

Super rapid
circulation system

When you need to rapidly purify air after coming back home, swiftly purify air in the entire house

Well-fit in any circumstances 
with customized filter