Coway Lucy

Self Sterilizing, Water Purifier Ice

Ais yang suci murni sebanyak 1 kg

Besar tak besar kapasiti tangki Lucy ni, sampai boleh simpan 1kg ais. Setakat tetamu 4-5 orang datang mengejut, takda masalah.

Kapasiti tangki sebesar 7.5L

Tangki  dengan saiz 7.5L secara total, dengan 3.5L air masak, 2.5L air sejuk dan 1.5L air panas, cukup untuk menampung keperluan isi rumah, restoran dan ofis kecil yang menggunakan banyak air.

Solid & transparent
Ice without bubbles

The wave-generating icing system produces solid and transparent ice, using a technology that prevents bubbles in the water during ice making

Clean with 

Electrolysis sterilized water awarded S-mark automatically self-sterilizes the water tank

Clean with detachable
ice tank

Detachable ice tank cover and ice tray allow you to easily clean the inside of the water tank

Clean with detachable 

It is simple and easy to detach and clean the corks which is used in various environments and susceptible to 

Light-sensing power
saving system

The light sensor operates power-saving mode at night, thereby effectively reducing power consumption

Simple continuous
extraction of water

You can easily extract the amount of water as you wish with one touch

High Performance
RO Membrane Filter System that Extracts Premium P.RO Water

Special materials and structures are applied for extraordinarily reliable P.RO water supply

Coway provides most reliable filter system for every filter to be certified by WQA

Most reliable system for every filter to be certified by WQA