COWAY Indicator
Indicator customized air care that fits your home
Room size :33m² / 355ft²

Coway’s new air care

Coway provides a customized solution to address your concerns on air quality

Coway Indicator’s new customized air care management system

The new air care management system was initiated to address concerns that you have about invisible outdoor air pollution whenever you open the window.

Indicator customized solution’s indoor air care  management service

This management service notifies you of and changes invisible air conditions to reduce your concerns.

4 step HEPA filter system specifically handling bad odor and ultra-fine dusts

Deodorization efficiency based on the test for the removal of acetic acid, ammonia and acetaldehyde. Results can vary in condition of use.

Ultra-fine dust reducing efficiency based on the test for the collecting power of ultra-fine dust(0.3 μm). Results can vary in condition of use.

Customized filter system
that fits your home

Customized filters that perfectly fit various seasons/situations/spaces are provided to meet your needs.